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Zima Gostar; official representative of Moho Company

Zima Gostar succeeded in obtaining the official representative of Moho Company in Iran and Iraq, considered as a milestone in supplying the products of this company

From Barazain industrial group

Barazin chemical concrete Co.

Barazin chemical concrete Company located in Sepehr Nazar Abad industrial town has been established as one of the associated companies of Barazin holding in 2008. Having 50000 tons of production capacity per year and relying on technical knowledge and expert and skillful human resource, offers significant services as one of the most specialized chemicals production units in construction industry and concrete additives in the field civil, petrochemical, dam construction, tunnel and road construction.

High production capacity
Production capacity of 5000 tons per year relying on technical knowledge and expert human resource
Quality Control
Production offer based on the respect to customer and updated standards and quality management
Logistics and commercial
Effective transportation and internal and external trade using development-centered approach
Rapid response
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Based on our experience, you may come across following questions:

Firstly, the applicant shall send his / her particulars and type of activity to the company using Whatsapp application. The offer shall be registered following an examination. Due to Zima Gostar’s excuse from returning the shipment, a sample shall be sent to the customer in order to be examined and final confirmation before sale. In case of final confirmation, a pre-invoice shall be issued and it shall be delivered to the customer following the complete payment.

The offer registration and payment system works as follow: Following the confirmation of the sample by applicant, he / she receives a pre-invoice and the product will be delivered in warehouse following the settlement.

  • The warehousing fee shall not be paid in case of delivery from warehouse.

Yes, the sample-sending up to 100-200 grams shall be free of charge.

The product shall be sent maximum 24 hours following the final order registration and payment receipt.

It currently runs as follow: Firstly, the applicant shall send his / her particulars and type of activity to the company using Whatsapp application. The offer shall be registered following an examination.

Various payment and settlement methods
Persistent consideration of modern technologies
Quality and inspection prioritization
Expert and skillful workforce
Recognition the production and consumption requirements
Preparation and provision any types of chemicals
World-updated Standards

Consistent with updated technologies

As a specialized complex, Zima Gostar intends to convert to the biggest chemicals and chemical products. It is also on the way to commission the production line of such materials in Iran, relying on technical knowledge and Iranian specialists experience in diverse chemical industries.

Importance of quality

Customer oriented

Importance of Technology

Development oriented

Rapid support

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