About Muho Company

MUHO is a high-tech trade with the most updated production equipment, laboratory and advanced research capacity. This Company is located in an area of 65000 m2 and has 200 personnel of which 25% are expert.

MUHO Company has 4 production areas in China one of which is concrete plasticizer. We export our products all over the world and have customers from countries such as Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mongolia, Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, South Africa and etc.

MUHO Company produces more than 70 various products, including water reducer with the highest capacity, accelerators, medium curing, air-entrained admixtures, Pumping facilitator, anti-frost products and etc. These products are extensively used in industry, civil projects, public infrastructures, Hydroelectric engineering and concrete. Additionally, our Company has produced products such as concrete repairing and strengthening materials, flooring material, grouts and preservatives, sealant and insulator and many others for national projects.

MUHU has three peer companies.

MUHU construction materials Company, with emphasis on MUHU brand production market, Export and technical support of Beijing MUHU concrete admixtures company: production a wide range of products with commercial brand of MUHU.

Beijing material and new technology Company: expert in research, innovation in technology, consistent with concrete admixtures requirements and relevant production equipments.

MUHU construction materials Company: It has been introduced in market since the early 2008 and has fed more than 50 countries and regions.

It has representatives in Dubai, UAE.



A closer view on MUHU Company


MUHU is a visualization of an exporter brand of concrete admixtures and a pioneer Company in water reducers export industry.

Beijing new technology and material Company: despite compliance and environment protection, this Company produces products with high performance, easier operational process, established quality and in line with today’s needs through consistent progress in technology and prominent innovation in products and water-reducer equipment. Additionally, MUHU provides professional services such as concrete additives transmission, design process, application and specialized management. We don’t only provide our customers with high quality products and services, but also support all their technical needs. For those customers emphasizing fully on internal markets for the purpose progress and sales, MUHU provides them with life time support.

We try to be the best in this field, requiring that MUHU forces have special objectives and open minds as well as a correct understating of trade.

Concrete additives commercial industry always witnesses the best performance of MUHU in mentioned field.