About Us

Zima Gostar Company Barazin commenced its economic activity in 2013 in the field of provision, production and distribution of various chemicals, with the objective of extension of Barazin holding internal and external commercial relations. Gaining experience from active companies in Barazin holding and its affiliates, Zima Gostar Company has dominated on chemicals producers and consumers requirements. In addition to supply the raw material of the holding’s associated companies; this Company intends to supply the chemicals raw materials for other consumers of such materials. It has also been active as one of the remarkable companies in supplying the chemicals raw materials.

In 2017, Zima Gostar succeeded in obtaining the official represantive of Moho Company in Iran and Iraq, considering as a milestone in supplying the products of this Company. Moho Company is one of the most accredited chemical producers such as Ether Poly Carboxilate, Poly Neftaline, TPEG and HPEG and recognized as the manufacturer of mentioned products production line.

One of the objectives of this Company is to introduce and export the Barazin holding Companies products and other Iranian companies’ high quality products. So far two branches of this Company are working in Iran and Iraq.

Zima Gostar is ready to provide and supply any types of chemicals raw materials with the best price and shortest time. You can also test the initial sample of materials before purchase and buy them following getting ensured from the high quality of product.

As a specialized expert unit, the vision of this Company is to become the major supplier of raw material and production line in various chemicals industry.